Welcome to amae, to the fascinating world of human relationships – with oneself and with others. At amae, everything revolves around their exploration and development: through counselling, coaching and training.

amae accompanies and supports in three areas: Counselling of people in challenging life situations, business coaching of individuals and teams, Transactional Analysis (TA): training, workshops, retreats and supervision.
amae accompanies and supports in three areas: Counselling of people in challenging life situations, business coaching of individuals and teams, Transactional Analysis (TA): training, workshops, retreats and supervision.

I am Nicole Lenner, founder of amae. I support people in their learning and growth processes. With expertise, empathy, a warm sense of humour and professional curiosity, I am attentive to my clients. I accompany them in discovering their key questions and encourage them to find their very own answers – as a creative navigator. The steering wheel remains in the hands of the people I support. My working languages are German and English.

amae is a Japanese word. It describes the quality of atmosphere in which children grow up best: in freedom from a secure place. If amae does not succeed, this can lead to survival strategies in child development that may no longer be helpful in adulthood, where they become patterns that either strengthen or limit the ability to relate.
With amae at your side, you can question your patterns in an atmosphere of professional security, initiate helpful change, expand your own repertoire and thus discover new freedom.

Coaching on the job

Individual Coaching

In individual coaching, we design your very own professional development strategy so that you can realise your full potential. In the process, we work out the ideal connection between your personal authenticity and your living up to organisational expectations. The goal is to bring your entire personal-professional repertoire into coherent balance – so that you can develop to your full potential.

Team Coaching

In team coaching, we jointly bring to light your best possible form of team cooperation. In the process, we go on a discovery journey of the diverse, personal, and professional competences and illuminate all the opportunities, limits, and important differences of your team. The goal is to attentively work out the full potential of the group and thus optimally exploit it for the benefits of joyful and effective collaboration.


In counselling, I accompany you in discovering your inner balance. Together we get to the bottom of limiting beliefs, recognise their causes and dare to change perspectives. In situations of crisis or upheaval, I accompany you on the path back to your stability and autonomous, authentic capacity to manage life. Together we establish a friendly inner dialogue that is based on self-awareness and enables a personally coherent point of view.
Before we start a counselling process, we discuss how my offer best fits your concerns in terms of content and organisation and sound out the best way to achieve your needs and goals.

Transactional Analysis Training

As teaching and supervising Transactional Analyst under supervision, PTSTA-C, I train you to become a Transactional Analyst (TA) in the field of Counselling.

This includes 101 introductory courses, ongoing practitioner level groups and the „masterclass“ to prepare for the CTA exam (Certified Transactional Analyst). I also offer TA supervision in groups and individual sessions, CPD workshops in co-creative TA and self-awareness retreats.

TA 101

The 101 course is a tour of the TA-landscape. We talk about its development, its most important concepts, and models, and above all about its applicability wherever people come together.
On our round trip you will learn how our own life story shapes us as people and what influence it can have in adulthood. You will discover the communication-theory of TA and how it helps to reach goal-oriented agreements or resolve conflicts. And you will get an idea of how to analyse professional and private situations in such a way that solution-oriented actions can be derived from them.

The course is internationally recognised (EATA certificate) and a prerequisite for training as a transactional analyst.


If you would like to dedicate yourself to Transactional Analysis (TA) alongside your current job, become part of the community in my TA-Classroom.
In a group that remains unchanged for one year at a time, you will learn the theory as well as the concepts of TA in about 3 to 4 years. The focus is always on the application and usability in your own practice. The further training can be completed with the German certificate “Transaktionsanalytischer Berater/In (DGTA)”.

When is this THE course for you? For example, your focus is …

· to be trained in coaching and/or counselling skills,
· to reflect on your own biography and learn from it,
· to further develop your relational and empathy skills,
· to strengthen your ability to engage in dialogue in groups / teams,
· to explore your own role in your context and fill it authentically,
· to shape collaboration in a goal-oriented and productive way,
· to moderate conflicts and initiate constructive solutions,
· to develop creative solutions to problems,


The „Masterclass“ supports you in writing the written CTA exam and in preparing for the oral CTA exam. The CTA exam process takes approximately 18-24 months.


This workshop offers an insight into the theory of co-creative Transactional Analysis and the experience of co-creative learning. The aim is to enrich one’s own professional practice.


In the LoveMatters retreat on the Greek island of Corfu, you will look at your everyday habits, cherish them, and leave behind what you no longer need.
The self-awareness retreat offers a time of peacefulness where people can experience in a group of fellow humans that and how they are loved. It is a journey through one’s own becoming, towards a better understanding of oneself. Outdated, limiting beliefs can fade into the background in the process and be replaced by new affirmations.
LoveMatters is a journey of discovery into yourself. From there, you will take with you what nourishes you – and thereby arrive at home with yourself again in the end.


Nicole Lenner

I spent the first half of my life searching: I studied biology, worked on an Australian farm, completed an apprenticeship as a dressmaker and a business degree, experienced many beautiful things and survived some severe health crises. Through my studies in human resources development, I finally found my place in the professional world, in Transactional Analysis and my spiritual practice – and thus in myself.

Since 2003, I have been a freelance counsellor, coach, and trainer. I focus on working with people who are searching for inner coherence, balance and lived authenticity. People who want to shape their relationships with themselves and others in a joyful, healthy, and constructive way. In the business context, these are mainly people in leadership positions in different sectors, including renewable energy, financial services, industry, and retail. I also work in the health sector, supporting hospital employees with training and supervision.

Since 2016, I have been a PTSTA-C (Training and Supervising Transactional Analysts under supervision), appearing as a speaker at international conferences and working for various training institutes in Europe. My internationality and my affiliation to the worldwide TA community as well as my colourful network are part of my personal-professional identity.

‍My own training in transactional analysis has been a constant companion in my development over several years. In addition, I have discovered Soul Motion™ and other forms of meditation for myself and experience these as a coherent enrichment in my professional work. I am interested in body-oriented forms of therapy and integrate components into my work where appropriate.
Over the years, I have developed a holistic and relationship-oriented approach to counselling and training and find it a gift to learn something myself in every encounter. It is a matter of the heart for me to provide a secure base for people, accompany them in finding the questions that are relevant to them, and contribute to the emergence of their own answers, potential and freedom.

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