RETREAT IN ARILLAS/ CORFU | 30.09. – 06.10.2023

LoveMatters Everyday.
Look at habits.
Leave behind what you no longer need.
Discover within yourself what nourishes you, take it with you.
A journey back to yourself.



LoveMatters stands for a mindful journey. On the traces of your being in the world there are beneficial and limiting beliefs and habits to discover. In the LoveMatters retreat on Corfu you can strengthen what nourishes you and let go of what hinders you in loving acceptance. LoveMatters is a safe space where you can come to rest, look, marvel, wonder and emerge in a small group. The map for this journey: Cycles of Development (P. Levin), meditation, creativity.


A maximum of 12 people who want to get to know, understand and love themselves more. No matter your life context, profession or level of training in Transactional Analysis – you are welcome. Look out for what is good for you and take the dosage that is right for you. Please note: the LoveMatters retreat cannot replace a therapeutic process. Your mental and physical health is a prerequisite.


With short theory and philosophy inputs, small group exercises, different kinds of meditation, impulses to unleash your creativity, I accompany you in understanding how you became your today’s self and invite you to discover and unfold your beautiful core more and more. The energy of the olive grove, the late summer sea, the sun and the mountains provide a supporting embrace. We work in the mornings after breakfast and in the evenings after dinner afternoons are at your leisure. In the middle of the retreat we have a break day with only one evening session.


The Alexis Zorbas Centre in Arillas is located in the far northwest of the Greek island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea, about 45 km from the airport. The guest houses and the semi-nurseries are situated on a hilltop overlooking the village and the bay of Arillas.
A taxi can be ordered at the time of booking, is paid separately on arrival at our reception and costs approx.
65.00 one-way for up to 3 people and luggage. Rental cars of various categories can also be ordered from the airport.


This retreat will probably be held in German. If there are English-speaking participants, it will be bilingual.


460,00 € Early Bird Ticket until May 31, 2023
520,00 € Course fee from June 1, 2023

Accommodation & Meals

Participants stay in flats at the Alexis Zorbas Centre, most with balcony and sea view – including breakfast and dinner.

As guests of the centre you can participate in the social programme (e.g. yoga).

585,00 € Double room/week
685,00 € single room/week
all prices include applicable VAT

The booking of the stay is handled by ZORBAS TRAVEL. Arrival and departure day for seminars is Saturday.

Dagmar Hoffmeister Ringstraße 7
86574 Hohenried


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